Lean Six Sigma Green Belt English

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt English

Deze cursus wordt beoordeeld met een 9.5

Prijs: €3.095,00

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During the Green Belt training you will develop your competencies to lead processes improvements and implementation. After this training you will be able to execute process improvements projects within your organization, as a project leader. Briefly, this is a practical training that you can apply directly in your own work environment.

Target group:

The Green Belt training is being chosen by projects managers or leaders working on improvement projects and consultants who wants to get started with Lean Six Sigma. No previous education is required for this training. The training is at high school + level.


The Green Belt training combines the theory and practical approach. We’re working a lot with examples based on real business cases from our record and participants’ experiences. Therefore, you can apply the theory with ease in your own situation and keep on track.

The outline of the 7-day training is as following:

Assignment preparation: “Looking for improvement project”

Block 1:

  • Methodology introduction: What is Lean, what is Six Sigma and how do these methods cooperate with each other?
  • Define: Who is the customer, what is the customer need/expectation, which process get involved and how to track the results?

Assignment preparation: “Going through the Define phase for your improvement project and presenting the results”

Block 2:

  • Measure: determine and performing a measurement, performing a measurement system analysis, determine the size of the obstacle.

Assignment preparation “Execute the Measure phase and presenting the current state” (value stream map and process capability).

Block 3:

  • Analyse: identify the causes of the problem, data & process analysis, determine the root cause.
  • Improve: seeking for solutions for the root cause, the best solution selection, implementing solution in practice.
  • Control: secure the implemented solution, set up permanent measurement, determine process improvement.
  • Learn how to execute changes and to guarantee a project succeed within your organization.
  • Exam preparation

After this training you will able to take the exam, also we will plan a coaching session to continue with your project improvement.


At the beginning of the training, you can decide on your own improvement project that you are going to work on. This project is not mandatory part of the training, however we strongly recommend it, as you would be able to demonstrate how you have mastered the tools and techniques.

Additionally, successful completion of the Lean Six Sigma project is part of certification. During the project implementation you will be guided by one of our experienced Black Belts trainer. Hereby, we would like to offer to you two coaching moments for free, as coaching by phone, Skype, email or at any suitable location for you.


Duration of the regular training is 7 days or 56 hours, spread over a period of approximately three months and 3 blocks.

The training times are from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

During each block, there are assignments to work on, which usually take up to half of a day or 12 hours in total. The assignments are primarily aimed to successfully and practically execute improvement project in own work environment.

After completing the training, every participant can take the Green Belt exam. The preparation time for this exam varies per participant. We assumed that approximately 12 hours of preparation is required to successfully pass an exam.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt English

Deze cursus wordt beoordeeld met een 9.5

Prijs: €3.095,00

Gratis brochure aanvragen
Opleidingen worden aangeboden in samenwerking met Springest